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Boxing Head Guard

A head guard is worn by boxers when sparring with boxing partners and in amateur boxing competition fights. Also known as boxing headgear the head guards offer great protection from incoming punches whilst providing you with good visibility and breathability.

Boxing is a contact sport and both yourself and your opponent are expected to protect yourself at all times, by wearing a mouth guard or gum shield, wearing a head guard, a groin guard and wrapping your hands before wearing boxing gloves.

Whilst boxing, although you may be wearing a head guard you should utilise tactful feet movements to move around, you should block incoming punches with your hands and arms and also use head movements to avoid being hit.

The science of boxing is “Hit but don’t get hit” but at some point, every boxer gets hit regardless of how great their defensive skills may be, and for such times a head guard will greatly reduce the impact of a punch which may land against you.

Boxing Head Guard Size

Somebody that normally wears size medium clothes would be right to think that they should buy a size medium head guard for boxing. See our head guard size infographic below to learn how to choose the best size boxing head guard for yourself.

Most head guards feature adjustable Velcro straps and other tightening mechanisms so that you can wear your head guard with a snug and comfortable fit.

There are many variants when it comes to headgear for boxers, but it is best to opt for one that is well engineered and provides as much protection as possible. However, make sure that you have good visibility when wearing your head guard, in other words don’t buy one which is too big and covers your eyes.

The strongest materials with the most comfortable padding possible are used for making head guards so that you don’t suffer concussion when punched, but do remember to use your boxing skills such as head movements and feet movements so that you don’t get hit.

Many great boxers have demonstrated that it is possible to go into a fight and attain victory without suffering any injury to themselves during the fight.

Boxing, although regarded as the toughest of all sports in the world, is an art which has been mastered by many throughout the course of the sport’s history.

Even today we are lucky to see so many great fighters, some of these boxers are regarded as almost magical for the level of boxing skill which they showcase, particularly with the movement of their feet.

In todays era the vast majority of the world has internet access and it is easy to learn online by watching those that are at the very top of their game.

Buy a good head guard but remember to keep moving your head when boxing!


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