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Exploring Some Amazing Benefits Of Weighted Boxing Gloves

Well, it is true that professional boxing matches in real life are very different than those that you see in movies on television. Those who are real boxers, always keep their hands up to create a defensive formation so that they can protect the face as well as to carry forward punches quite first. They can’t keep their hands down, it’s quite simple.

Through out boxing matches, boxers regularly move their fists. It has been seen in every round; a boxer can throw around 40 to 80 punches. But if you want to maintain constant hand movement, you need to develop a great level of stamina, and for this, you can use weighted Boxing gloves. Now, let’s have a look at some benefits of using such gloves.

Weighted boxing glove’s benefits

  1. Helps in developing speed

When you increase the hand’s weight than the normal weight, you are pushing your hand as well as the body to handle greater resistance. When your body starts to adapt to accept the additional resistance, you will automatically make your hand speed a little faster than before when using a lighter training glove. So, if you want to speed up your hand movement and dazzle your opponent, you should use weighted boxing gloves in training.

  • It feels very natural

You might be thinking that using dumbbells will be a much cheaper option than buying a weighted glove. But the problem with the dumbbells is that you need to hold them in your hands. Besides, if you go for punching motion exercises, you can damage your hand if the done incorrectly.

But on the other side, weighted boxing gloves help you in keeping your hand in it natural punching position. Such gloves are designed to offer proper weight distribution whilst you are punching. So, it won’t affect your joints so much. Furthermore, you can practice different boxing moves like blocking and throwing punches. You can’t do this with your dumbbells.

  • Helps in developing more strength and stamina

Such gloves add more resistance, and you may feel exhausted after using them for a few minutes. Well, it will take time to get used to it. When you first practice your shadow boxing with weighted boxing gloves, your arms will not be able to work happily for some time. But with time, the arm muscles will automatically get used to the additional weight.

However, to achieve better performance, you need to make sure that you are consuming sufficient amounts of calories every day. When you get stronger, you will be able to punch much harder. Besides, when you increase in stamina, you can remain active for more hours than your opponent. So, get ready to throw some powerful punches when your opponent falls short on his or her energy.

  • Enhances cardiovascular endurance

Well, it has been proven that such gloves can offer you a lot of benefits. They don’t just increase your muscle mass, speed, and strength, but also help you to increase your cardiovascular endurance level. When your body is pushed out to the maximum limit, it requires more strength on the body’s cardiovascular system. With time, the cardiovascular system will adapt to the increased demand.

After some time, when you use weighted gloves, you will not notice any extra weight on the hand and you will be able to easily use your hands for throwing punches for extended periods of time. It is also known that by using weighted boxing gloves; one can have a better RPE- Rate of Perceived Exertion scale. You can perform for much longer.

So, if you have been using normal gloves for a few years, then perhaps it’s now a great time to add some quality boxing gloves for men and women.

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