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The Most Chosen Boxing Pads by Professionals

Do you know what boxing pads are? Well, they are the protective targets that are worn on the hands and the arms. These are used by boxing coaches and training partners to practice several boxing activities like hook and jab punches, combinations and many more.

They are known as focus pads. Here are some of the most popular boxing pads from the most famous brand Adidas and MCD. These boxing pads are used by professionals that one should know about.

 The Most Popular Boxing Pads

●    Adidas Single Target Pad

The boxing pad that we have on our list is Adidas Single Target Pad which is made in PU. These are single hand pads that are mostly used for speed kick training.

They come with a nylon strap handle and come with a size of 46 cm in length and 21 cm in width. These boxing pads are available in three colours and they are black, blue and red.

●    Adidas Double Target Pad

Adidas Double Target Pad is another best boxing pad that one can get. These are used and recommended by many professionals. Adidas Double Target Pad is made in PU and has a double hand pad which is used in speed kick training mostly.

It comes with a nylon strap handle. The size of this boxing pad comes with a length of 45 cm and a width of 20 cm of the padded area.

●    Adidas Taekwondo Double Target Pad Smaller Version

The renowned manufacturer of sports products Adidas brings another top quality boxing pad named Adidas Taekwondo Double Target Pad smaller version. These are made in PU and used in speed kick training.

They have a nylon strap handle and come with a length of 33 cm and a width of 16 cm in the padded area. It is available in Black and green colour.

●    MCD Boxing Pad Gold

MCD boxing pads come with high-quality leather and a great design. The V-shaped hook and jab sparring pad comes with shock-absorbing pro padding which makes it perfect for boxing training.

It comes in the style of open gloves that makes it comfortable to wear and remove along with an extremely great wrist grip. These gloves are available in a golden colour that makes them look classy.

These boxing pads are affordable and available in any nearby store. You can get them at a discounted price from online stores.

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